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Exchange of expertise with the FH Erfurt


Sebastian Strobl, a professor of preservation and conservation (emphasis on glass paintings and glass windows) at the FH-Erfurt, visited our studios with his fifth-semester students.

This meeting was an opportunity for an exchange of expertise on the latest developments and perspectives on protective glazings and conservation techniques.

In addition to a detailed guided tour of the entire studio area led by Dipl.-Rest. (FH) Anne Kaiser (which included the light-fixture manufactory, all possible aspects of monument conservation in buildings were scrutinised and debated.

For all aspects, the unanimous insight was that an integrated examination of these objects beyond the constraints of one's own discipline is essential to the implementation of sustainable and long-lasting measures.

In an interview with Matthias Rothkegel, the presentations "The Choir-Loft Window at  Neumünster" and "Conservation Techniques Exemplified by Church Windows" were discussed in detail.