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Does it always have to be UV++ protective glass?


UV++ protection - Yes!

Glass? Not always...


After all, just as in the question "Protective glazing or a protective grate?", we care most about the object when we are seeking the optimum UV protection – and we (in light of this conservation ethic) take the liberty to also find solutions outside the glass when these are more practical.

However, the alternative solution must be persuasive to us – and if not, we will gladly help to enhance it, as we did here.

This is our particular liberty – and your particular edge when you co-operate with us!

With our filter system, we are not bound to the use of glass from a single manufacturer - instead, we can use the glass which best fits your object (according to a cost-benefit analysis).

Also, as you can see, it doesn't even have to be glass :-)

The designated light-shield material had (in series) approx. 23% transmission!

Since the panes of the stained glazing allow the near-unhindered transmission of UV radiation starting at approx. 320 n, the serial light-shield curtain would have still allowed 22-23 % of precisely the hazardous short-wave UV radiation!

When one now associates this with the known results of Judd und Hilbert, the relative residual damage factor of 31 would remain when this "light-shield curtain" is used at 365 nm!

That's why - in St. Ulrich und Afra – we rely on precisely our UV++ protective panes with absorbent and reflective IR protection in partial areas of the window OI Light-shield material Verosol 816, with an additional, free-hanging UV++ protective film.

With the aid of our free-hanging UV++ protective film, the damage factor in 365 nm drops to nearly 0!


Do you have any questions on effective UV and IR protection?

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