A comprehensive documentation is important for future measures

Every proper conservation requires informative documentation of the prevailing damage and the measures performed. Painstaking graphic mappings enable also subsequent generations to comprehend the preservation and conservation measures.

Only with the precise conveyance of where the particularly critical points in a glass painting conservation lay or where which material was used in which formula can one subsequently comprehend which developments have transpired.

Independent of this, detailed photo documentation in good quality can enable a reconstruction if the inventory is ever damaged.

We recommend such photo documentation even as a preventive measure – to be done by i.e. dedicated members of the parish – to be prepared for all subsequent eventualities.

It is recommended to take individual photos of each glass-painting field in an window (in its previous condition) after the removal in the studio under various lighting situations (reflected light and transmitted light) to document the original condition. Precisely such a photo in the newly conserved condition after completion of work preservesthis achieved condition in the documentation for posterity.