UV Protection in Wooden Windows at the Eremitage in Bayreuth

In historic buildings, wooden windows are very common; of course, our UV protective pane can also be installed there.
Just as here at the Eremitage in Bayreuth, it can be manufactured as a mere UV protective pane with a 1% transmission edge at 400 nm - which conforms to the relevant requirements for museums - and also as 2 x 3 mm float glass.
In addition, we offer you the following options:


  • thin panes (starting at a thickness of 2 x 0.9 mm) with 0.38 mm PVB film
  • mouth-blown antique panes
  • IR protection (absorbent and reflective)
  • panes with anti-reflective coating
  • alarm-equipped panes
  • machine-drawn panes
  • UV-protective panes featuring designs/artwork
  • Resistance classes up to P4A
  • Combinations with materials designed for use in UV protection blinds and light shields
  • etc.

We offer you individual planning and design services for such structures as well as for other specific glass and protective-pane structures; in this context, we can also address with you the specific details of individual objects.

Just ask us!

Here, you will find some details from the windows in the Eremitage: