Title: Restoration and conservation of glass

Our Work in the Field of Glass Conservation

Our main scope of functions is – in addition to the manufacturing of new objects, the preservation and new manufacture, the preservation and conservation of historic glass paintings and leaded glass. We will also gladly assist you in the drafting of conservation concepts and contract specifications.

In addition, we perform all maintenance, repair and sealing work on church windows. Prominente examples of our conservation work were – in addition to numerous smaller churches, the Basilica St. Jakob in Straubing and the Residenz in Würzburg.

Our principals entrust to us glass paintings from all eras of art history:

We manufacture and assemble individually-conceptualised protective-glazing systems according to the state of the art and various academic analyses along with guidelines.

We highly value continuing-education courses. Our conservation team: The graduate conservator Ms. Petra Ullrich and experienced craftsman with decades of experience.

In addition, we will implement for you re-smelted historic cast and ornamental panes and also perform conservation ofconcrete glazings.




Here, you can read more on our conservation ethics.

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