Eco-conscious actions...

RL 02/ST 3 T: a small upright tabletop lamp for many occasions
RL 02/ST 3 T: a small upright tabletop lamp for many occasions

...should not limit themselves to the superficial.

Environmental protection must run deeper!

This was our basic initial thought behind the design of this product family of maple light fixtures,



Renewable resources combined with the most highly modern lighting technology and integrated electronic ballasts, suitable for emergency-lighting installations built according to the stipulations set forth in DIN VDE 0108.

This means that when you change the illuminant itself, you no longer have to also dispose of the valuable electronic components each time – instead, you just discard the bulb itself.

All of these lamps are equipped with a compact luminophore bulb, TC-DEL 18 W (matches the light output of approx. 100 W of the leading light bulb)

The right decision for responsible and future-conscious lighting.

the consistent decision concerning the shade must be:

Paper and/or corrugated cardboard!

For public spaces, we offer you (with laminated natural products) an alternative which better withstands the on-site traffic. Also, as a special feature, you can very easily design your own shades (for instance, from somewhat thicker paper) and interchange them. This enables you to create individualised surroundings – i.e., according to the seasons.

You can find light fixtures with energy-saving bulbs quite easily in our Product Search, by entering "TC" to the field "Keyword Search". Please note that currently, no all available light fixtures are included in the database.

You will find further information on practical lighting in the following sections:Energy-efficient lighting and Light planning".

You, too, can benefit from our many years of experience – just take the opportunity for a non-binding consultation to individualise your light fixtures!


Corrugated cardboard
Corrugated cardboard

Of course, here, too, custom products are available – i.e., in other wood types.

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