Paint-layer preservation, a means to be applied in a differentiated manner to preserve the original message of an image

Especially paint-layer preservation must be viewed in a very differentiated manner.

Paint-layer stabilisers are also subject to an aging process - and can, when applied improperly, contribute to the loss of transparency in the original material.

The selection of the right stabiliser is often dependent on the prevailing damage. Dependent paint-layer particles are re-affixed to the glass surface via painstaking brush fixation.

Important parameters for a stabiliser are reversibility, good age resistance, little tendency to yellowing, sufficient moisturising and retention capacity as well as sufficient adhesion properties and the exclusion of the formation of gloss or additional layers.

In addition, as organic substances, these can serve as a source of food for micro-organisms; in turn, the metabolites from these micro organisms can damage the original substance.

Of course, the accordingly treated areas are painstakingly recorded in the documentation.