Light planning – the result is the important part

Numbers are not everything when it comes to sound light planning
Numbers are not everything when it comes to sound light planning

In the course of light planning, our philosophy is that even the very best numbers are no replacement for the best experience.

Unfortunately, though, our experience shows us that in this day and age, the focus on numbers – and with that, on non-essential facts – is simply too great. Yet the capacity to comprehend the nature of a space and its effect on its users can only be expressed in numbers to a very slight extent.

Simple maxims of perceptive psychology can also only very subtly be derived from norms – and unfortunately, their interpretation is not always accurate.

The important aspects here are the spatial impression, the perception of light and above all the purpose of use. It is in this context that the nowadays often-cited energy efficiency must be viewed.

In light of these parameters, it is much more likely to determine whether a space is well-lit or poorly lit, as if it precisely matches a numerical lux rating or deviates from this target by a few percentage points.

Just as in our other business units (glass conservation/preservation and glass design), in this context, we also strive for a very open-ended, interdisciplinary communication process with all involved.

Light planning for serial light fixtures

Light planning for serial light fixtures

For your light-planning projects based on our serial light fixtures, we will assist you with the following services, at no charge to you:

  • sample light fixtures, free of charge

(when you send the others back to us at your own expense and undamaged)

  • Elumdat files for basic light fixtures

Custom light planning

Custom light planning

If you seek for your building or your space a custom plan for lighting – whether based on

  • your custom light fixtures,
  • serial light fixtures modified by us
  • or custom light fixtures to be engineered by us,

we offer you the following options:

  1. We will recommend a light planner who will assist you as a freelance specialist planner and develop for you a concept (primarily independent from specific companies).
  2. We will assist you with our own expertise and experience – if necessary, with the internal involvement of specialised planners. This service will be billed as per a prior individual agreement (and if applicable, partially offset in its subsequent implementation.


We will gladly receive your enquiryby E-mailand contact you as soon as possible.


In the context of custom light planning, our experience shows us that it is essential to determine whether so-called "innovations" publicised too soon – before they are even commercially available (or even worse, shortly after their launch, they are removed from the product line). In this respect, we are alwas honest toward our customers with respect to the weighing of innovation and a long useful life.