The ethics in conservation begin with the corporate structure

"The Charta of Venice forms a basis for the ethics of conservation (1964) or the Preservation Guidelines set forth by the CVMA.

In order to also sensibly apply these to the daily business of conservation, structures, measures and the involvement of qualified personnel in the decisive functions are all important.


  • our employees have invested a great deal in continuing education.
  • In, May 2007, Ms. Anne Kaiser, a graduate conservator with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences, was hired by us as a responsible employee with decision-making powers.
  • in our studios, a climate of open-mindedness toward the principal, the specialist planner and the monument conservationists; we are glad to conduct studio meetings with as many participants as possible.
  • our team seeks contact with Universities of Applied Sciences, builders' lodges in cathedrals as well as specialist planners, institutions, etc. – to actively support and further develop the exchange of experience.

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Rothkegel along with the team


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