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Lobby of the CCI in Kiel - Modern glass design in an office building

For a major office building - the Chamber of Commerce in Kiel - we realized this 630 cm high glasspainting according to the design of the artist Joergen Habedank.This design was developed by Joergen Habedank espacialy for the entrance area of the Commerce and Industry Chamber.


After simulations to visualize the initial idea of the artist, a draft has been prepared. Then it was transferred freely on the glass by Joergen Habedank and our glass painters.

The color was painted in three layers and then burned into the glass.

In the following technical process the glass was toughened and laminated to safety glass, and then affixed to an only 6cm deep light box of a Kiel partner company for lighting.

The design is a wonderful example that stained glass can leave the sacred space and can set interesting accents in so-called "secular" buildings!

This kind of glass design is perfect for companies, offices and public buildings and its vibrant, inspiring character against the gray of everyday life and the concrete is fascinating.


A real eye-catcher and a recognizable sign for any company and organization.

Did you not also get fancy of such inspiring art, makes your building unique?

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Genießen Sie zum Schluss noch einige Eindrücke der belebenden Wirkung der Glasgestaltung im Zusammenspiel mit der Architektur :-)