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Our Areas of Expertise and Our Philosophy

Access road to our company premises (including the main building)
Access road to our company premises (including the main building)

Whether dealing with modern glass design, interior or exterior lighting for modern and historic buildings, the conservation of glass paintings or the manufacturing of modern light fixtures – in the fifth generation, our family-operated company with its long-standing tradition still seeks to fulfil your object-related requests.

Since 1880, we have worked with the most diverse of edifices featuring glass. Since 1978, we have also manufactured light fixtures (which are even tested by the VDE, the German Engineers' Association) for monument preservation as well as for new building projects.
In the meantime, we also restore light fixtures and manufacture new light fixtures according to historical models.

In this process, we generally co-operate closely with the planner and principal to fulfil the standards expected for quality, functionality and performance.

Investments in continuing education for our employees as well as in VDE testing and good technical equipment aid our work.

We especially value the open and honest conversation with the principal and planner, which does not rely on "cookie-cutter" solutions. Instead, we focus completely on the requirements for the given object, such as i.e.:

  • Cost framework
  • Manner of utilisation
  • Overall architectonic context
  • Aspects of monument preservation
  • Construction-neutral preliminary planning
  • Comprehensive basic information, some of which is available for download as PDF files
  • A strong interest in innovative, object-specific further developments
  • In this context, our employees who offer you consultations are not salespeople who, when in doubt, would rather just sell you something to push up their numbers – rather, they are true practitioners who display many decades of experience in an individual consultation.

Of course, we would be glad to see you find just the right model for you among our available 1,000 different light fixtures; yet if you seek custom-designed light fixtures, we will also be glad to listen to what you have in mind.

Our Services

As a planner in the light-fixtures manufacturing sector, we offer you:

  • comprehensive object consultations
  • individual provision of samples
  • consultations on light applications
  • a comprehensive programme
  • light fixtures according to your plans
  • also VDE-tested custom light fixtures

In the area of the glass ateliers:

  • object consulting, cost estimations and aid in the course of calls for tenders.
  • glass design has a decisivbe influence on the effect of a space in architecture. In addition to the examples shown here in different buildings, here, you will find a series of space studies with different designs for comparison.
  • also establishment of contacts to monument conservationists and specialists in similar functions.
  • a relaxed working atmosphere for artists.
  • comprehensive equipment, various kilns with dimensions of up to 3500 x 2100 mm, sandblasting
  • for glass conservation, such as i.e., the microscope, light tables etc.