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130 years at Rothkegel: a dual cause for celebration!

130 years at Rothkegel:  a dual cause for celebration!

As Thomas Rothkegel established the Rothkegel glassworks in 1880, in Falkenberg (Silesia), he certainly could not anticipate that he had laid a cornerstone for the future.

Nowadays, we have dual cause for celebration; the glassworks initially established in Falkenberg later grew to become a company which is nationally and internationally renowned in two distinct disciplines.

After all, in 1978, it was Michael Rothkegel (Thomas Rothkegel's great-grandson) who laid a further significant cornerstone for the company's future by establishing a light-fixture manufactory.

This is why we now invite you to celebrate with us!  :-)

Celebrate with us on 17 and 18 September 2010!

On 17.09.2010, our glassworks will be open to all interested visitors until 17:30, in the context of an Open House.

On 18.09.2010, we will present to our newsletter subscribers the opportunity for an exclusive guided tour of our glassworks from 8:00 to 9:30.

This will be followed by a series of select experts' presentations by renowned specialists on historical stained glass, irradiation protection and lighting.

For your participation in our experts' colloquium, you will receive Continuing Education points from your local Architects' or Engineers' Association. Here, you will find an overview of the professional associations which have currently confirmed the validity of such Continuing Education points in a written statement.

We will then gather at a special evening event to wrap up this successful day with a dinner featuring culinary delicacies from renowned Franconian appellations, along with a wine tasting.

On Sunday, 19.09.2010, we recommend a visit to some of Würzburg's cultural highlights during the Theatre Festival.

To enable you to relax and enjoy this event to its fullest, we have compiled a list of various options for your overnight stay.